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Paper Towns - Review

I have read many John green books starting with The Fault In Our Stars and I am hooked on his writing style. This book Is written in a way which keeps the reader questioning every chapter but still a sense of understanding throughout the novel. you can really tell it is a John Green book from the moment you pick it up, from the philosophical and smart characters to the abundance of quotes and hidden meaning. Unlike his previous work, the characters in the novel felt real people, a real teenager even though they were smart and the plot was fantastical at times it felt like I knew the character not just staring at them through a lens.


I understand why some people are hating on this book, because of the teenage romance or the confusing and odd quotes on every page. Just wanted to add I honestly believe this book was targeted at a more teenage audience rather than an adult, not to say the book can be enjoyed by all. The novel perfectly reflects the struggles of growing up and becoming a functioning adult, heartbreak, loss, confusion and not knowing who you are John perfectly writes these elements into the story through character actions and quotes.


If you want a book which has intresting and deep characters a killer plot and teen romance this book is for you. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.




Nice review :)

23rd Mar, 19

Thanks so much

24th Mar, 19